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  • What is needed to play the DRM-REVIVAL MOD?
    To play the DRM-Revival-Mod you need to have bought and installed the game Assetto Corsa You can buy the game here
  • How to install the DRM-REVIVAL MOD?
    Just have a look into the provided manual availabe in our Mod features section
  • Where i can find more skins for the DRM REVIVAL MOD?
    Please take a look on, they have a download section for skins and a very good community.
  • I want to paint my own skins, where i can find the templates?"
    When you buy the mod, you will find the templates in each car folder
  • Where i can download further updates for the DRM REVIVAL MOD?
    If a new version is available, you will get an automatic generated email with a download link for a new version of the DRM-REVIVAL MOD
  • We are a race league and plan an event with the DRM REVIVAL MOD.
    Contact and tell us who you are and how many licences you want to have, we will make a special offer
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