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The DRM-MODDING-TEAM was founded in 2007 with 3 members mainly focused

in the construction and development of vehicles that drove between the years 1976 -1981 in the racing championship "Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft".

In 2011 we released the initial version of the DRM-Revival Mod for rFactor.

In 2012 we updated the initial Mod to version 2.0 by adding new cars and features.

Within the release of Assetto Corsa the team decided to convert the famous and succesfull Mod to this brandnew simulation. It quickly became aware that this turn into an rebuild of the mod instead of a simply conversion.

Since 2015 the team has been consisting of 4 members who are now proudly presenting the DRM-Revival Mod for Assetto Corsa after 3 years intense work and dedication.


Have fun and hopefully...

See you on track

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