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PHYSICS: Balance of performance of all cars carefully adjusted   
PHYSICS: new tire called "rain" to use for wet tracks ( please read the manual for further information )
GRAPHICS: reworked head lights and brake ligths 
GRAPHICS: reworked gauges and needles for a better view at night

GRAPHICS: reworked mapping of the internal windows
SOUNDS:   added rpm limiter sounds 

SOUNDS:   performed sound tweaks and improvements
MANUAL:   updated information about new "rain" tire and the support for the shader patch dynamic light 

                    ( please read the important section in the manual for further information )

SUPPORT for the shader patch dynamic light by Ilja Jusupov

IMPORTANT: The Shader Patch is optional. The DRM REVIVAL MOD works well without this Pack!!!

  • new tread texture for rain tire ( visible change of tread in the car setup, see the pictures below )

  • vehicle specific settings for color, shape of head lights and head light cone, tail lights and brake lights

  • individual light reflection for brake lights on the ground

  • improvements of the reflection into the cockpit view

  • working wiper animation for all cars

RMT  120
GRAPHICS: added the missing internal windows and reflection
GRAPHICS: animation of the wiper 


GRAPHICS: fixed the missing reflection of gauges 
GRAPHICS: correction of driver eye position

GRAPHICS: alternative texture of the steering wheel used in the skin number RC_9, RC_40, RC_52


GRAPHICS: fixed the driver arms animation and position
GRAPHICS: animation of the wiper 

Here can you see some previews of the DRM REVIVAL MOD with the shader patch dynamic light



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